Helpful Tips When Utilizing Four Color Process Printing For Custom T-Shirts


If you plan on selling t-shirts commercially, then you may want to take advantage of four color process printing. It's one of the standard printing services today and you can maximize its benefits by remembering this tips.  Refine Your Design So that the colors in this printing process stand out and look great, you need to spend time refining the design on your t-shirts. Start by making sure the graphics are readable.

24 June 2020

Menu Covers To Promote Your Establishment And Popular Meals


A laminated menu cover that showcases your restaurant's exterior and a few of the dishes that tend to be popular will be easy to clean and will provide your establishment with the advertising that you desire. Prepare a sample cover and provide a printing associate with the sample, to ensure that your menu covers will look the way that you would like them to. A Protective Coating Menus that aren't laminated are prone to staining and tearing.

20 March 2020