If You Can Get Only One Copy Machine, Get One With Color


As companies try to cut costs, equipment replacement is under the budgetary microscope. If a big piece of equipment has suddenly gone kaput in your office, be prepared for some intense price comparisons and searching for the best deal possible. One way to save money is to look for equipment that can pull double duty, or do more than just one task. For copy machines, that's the color copy machine. If you have to replace your machines and can get only one, spring for color to get the best value.

Printer Ink Versus Copier Ink

While a black and white copier might be less expensive, and you could use a laser printer in the office to print in color, that's not really feasible in the long run unless all your printouts are short. Office laser printers can handle projects that are larger than what you might need to print at home, but the ink cartridges still have limitations. Copier ink is meant to last through many more print runs because it's assumed that several people will be using the copy machine, rather than just a few using the laser printer. Eventually you'd end up spending a lot more on laser printer cartridges, making the initial savings disappear.

You Still Have the Option to Print in Black and White

Remember that color copiers still have an option to print in black and white. If you're concerned about the cost of color ink cartridges for the copier, you can have people print as much as possible using black ink, conserving the color for when it's really needed. Plus, unless you have super high traffic at the copier, you really don't need a separate black and white copier.

Copiers Are Made to Handle Large Projects

Not only are the ink cartridges in copiers made to last longer, but the machine itself is built to handle a lot of work. You won't really be losing copier life span by having only one color copier instead of a black and white copier and a color copier. Choose a copier from a company that offers a great warranty and service plan so that any problems can be addressed quickly.

You may want to ask copy machine sellers about trading in your old machines or seeing if they have any refurbished machines, too. Both of these options can save even more money when you have to get a new-to-you copy machine.


18 December 2020

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