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When To Splurge On Nice Business Paper

One of the big budgetary considerations that you might make when choosing business paper is how much to spend. Should you choose regular printer paper, or should you splurge on that high gloss photo paper you’re eyeing? Here are some situations where choosing high quality paper can make a big difference.  When the Amount Used […]

Cool Custom Picture Frame Ideas

If you are trying to decorate your home, you want to make sure that you are able to capture the personality of the family that lives within it. One great way is to cover a wall with framed photographs. However, you want to also make sure that your wall stands out from everyone else who […]

Four Fascinating Facts About Postcards

Today, postcards are more closely associated with businesses and used a part of marketing materials. However, sending and collecting postcards are entrenched in the history and culture in Canada and around the world. Postcards played a significant role during major military wars where they served as a way for soldiers to keep in touch with […]

3 Reasons You Should Update Your Storefront Sign

If you run a busy business, you might be more concerned about allocating a great deal on new products or giving your employees raises than you are about that outdated storefront sign. However, letting that old metal sign rust outside might not be doing your business justice. Here are three reasons you should update your […]

Five Ways To Make Business Meetings More Exciting

Business meetings should give your staff vital information about how to do their jobs and improve your company’s growth, but they can sometimes be dull and a little boring. There are lots of ways you can create more memorable, exciting meetings that help your employees retain the information you provide while having a little bit […]

Show Your Personali-“T”: Shirts That Help You Express Yourself And How To Make Them

T-shirts can be fun, colorful, comfortable, fashionable and/or provide wearable advertising for just about anything. Some of the sayings printed on T-shirts express your personal interests, your particular thoughts on a subject such as politics or just let other people know how annoying you find them. These wearable attitudes are as much a statement about […]