Five Ways To Make Business Meetings More Exciting


Business meetings should give your staff vital information about how to do their jobs and improve your company's growth, but they can sometimes be dull and a little boring. There are lots of ways you can create more memorable, exciting meetings that help your employees retain the information you provide while having a little bit of fun. Use these five ideas to improve the success of your next business meeting.

13 August 2015

Show Your Personali-"T": Shirts That Help You Express Yourself And How To Make Them


T-shirts can be fun, colorful, comfortable, fashionable and/or provide wearable advertising for just about anything. Some of the sayings printed on T-shirts express your personal interests, your particular thoughts on a subject such as politics or just let other people know how annoying you find them. These wearable attitudes are as much a statement about you as they are a statement about those who read your shirts. If you would like to know where or how to make your own T-shirts in Canada, the following tips will help you on your T-shirt adventure.

4 August 2015