Guidelines To Ensure Professional Product Labels


You've worked hard on your product development, and obtaining packaging labels is the last crucial step in the process of bringing your goods to market. While you may be tempted to create quick designs and print your own labels to save money, this is not a good idea.

Instead, follow each of these industry guidelines to ensure your product labels look fantastic and help your products sell themselves:

Avoid Using Copyrighted Graphics or Fonts

You can run into copyright issues when using graphics and fonts on resale product labels if you aren't careful. 

For example, not all fonts and graphics you find online allow you to use them on products you are selling. Only those with commercial-use licenses permit you to do so.

You must look at the license information for any graphic or font and determine if it allows commercial use. If it doesn't, find something else because you do not want to print all your product labels only to discover you must re-do them due to copyrighted material.

Stick with Obvious Graphics and Easy-to-Read Fonts

When designing product labels, it's crucial the labels immediately identify your products and are easy to read from a distance. 

For example, if your company makes barbeque sauce, a customer walking by the grocery store shelf must be able to glance at the bottle and immediately know what it is. Even someone who can't read should see the product is meant to be used as a barbeque sauce.

To aid customers in quickly identifying a barbeque sauce, the product label graphics should be of barbeques, cuts of meat, or people gathered around a barbeque. 

The text on the barbeque sauce bottle's label should be easy to read from a distance. For example, the large text should say "BBQ" or "Barbeque Sauce." The smaller text should be used to describe the sauce and explain why it's different than others to your customers.

Always Have Product Labels Printed by a Commercial Printing Company

Product labels require time and effort to look just right, and a professional commercial printing company should always print them. This is never a job for the printer on your desk. You need to use a printer that can produce professional labels.

Use a reputable commercial printer so your product labels will help sell your products, not detract from them. You worked hard on your new product, so bring it to market with the style it deserves.

For more information about label printing, contact a local company.


4 January 2023

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