When To Splurge On Nice Business Paper


One of the big budgetary considerations that you might make when choosing business paper is how much to spend. Should you choose regular printer paper, or should you splurge on that high gloss photo paper you're eyeing? Here are some situations where choosing high quality paper can make a big difference.  When the Amount Used is Small If you are using only a portion of a page for each potential client, then it can pay off to choose a nice paper.

9 May 2016

Cool Custom Picture Frame Ideas


If you are trying to decorate your home, you want to make sure that you are able to capture the personality of the family that lives within it. One great way is to cover a wall with framed photographs. However, you want to also make sure that your wall stands out from everyone else who is trying the same design idea. Custom picture frames are one way to make sure that your photo-inclusive decorating scheme looks great and matches who your family is perfectly.

5 January 2016