When To Splurge On Nice Business Paper


One of the big budgetary considerations that you might make when choosing business paper is how much to spend. Should you choose regular printer paper, or should you splurge on that high gloss photo paper you're eyeing? Here are some situations where choosing high quality paper can make a big difference. 

When the Amount Used is Small

If you are using only a portion of a page for each potential client, then it can pay off to choose a nice paper. The added expenditure per person will go far as you're splitting the costs per sheet between several potential clients. Business cards are an example of a time when you can get a great bang for your buck by using nicer paper. 

When You Can Embellish

Higher quality paper is also a good choice if you're using it to embellish a larger body of marketing material. The extra expense will go further if it's used to highlight the most important takeaways of your marketing materials. 

When You Only Have One Chance

If you only have one opportunity to reach clients, then it can pay to spend the extra money on making a good impression. For instance, you might not use expensive paper on flyers that will sit at one location for a long time, but you might upgrade when you are handing out materials to highly targeted clients at a one-time event. 

When It's Expected of the Product Type

Another time to go ahead and buy that nice paper is when it's expected of the product type. For instance, if you are presenting a brochure of images, it won't look good if it's printed on A4 printer paper. 

When You Have High Dollar Products

Finally, if you are selling a high quality material, your paper should match that. Spending a little more on paper is an important branding tool to show that you use the best materials and are willing to spend money on giving your clients the right kind of experience. 

In today's business world, so many things are done electronically that having a well-printed hard copy of your marketing materials can make a quick impression on your clients. Whether you go further to provide high quality paper in your marketing materials will depend on your budget and vision, but each of the reasons above are great indicators that your high gloss photo paper will go a long way. For more information, check out a company like Refill Ink.


9 May 2016

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