Key Reasons Why Your Next Book Should Have Hardcover Binding


If you've always had a fondness for books and remember picturing yourself as a writer when you were a small child, becoming an author can be like a dream come true. Doing something that you love while getting paid is a lofty ideal for so many people. The fact that you have managed to make it happen is a feat to be proud of. Maybe you have already put out a couple of books in digital format and have another novel on the way.

29 March 2022

Top Signs You Should Use A Managed Print Service


So far, you and your employees might have always handled all of the printing-related matters in your business on your own. However, this does not mean that you should not at least explore the option of hiring a managed print service. Many businesses do work with managed print services and thrive because of it. Your business could really stand to benefit from using a managed print service if any or all of the things outlined here are true.

20 January 2022