The Top 3 Benefits Of Choosing Press Printing Over Digital Printing For Your Business


When printing promotional and other business materials, you will have two main options to complete this task. These two options are press printing and digital printing. While there are some pros and cons associated with both options, more and more businesses are finding that the traditional option of press printing is still the most beneficial. Below you can learn more about three of the benefits that come along with choosing press printing over digital printing.

#1: Press Printing Allows For A Wider Range Of Colors

Digital printers are restricted in the number of colors that can be produced. This is because a digital printer only has a certain shade available in the ink or toner cartridge that is being used to complete the print job. With press printing, you will enjoy a much larger palette of colors that you can choose from. This is because the ink that is used on a printing press will be mixed specifically for the job at hand. This means that you can choose anything from a bright neon color to a more understated natural tone. 

#2: Press Printing Offers Many Different Finishes

Press printing allows you to work with a much wider range of materials than can be used in digital printing. For instance, you can choose to print on paper, glass, or wood. You can also choose to make use of foil stamping and die-cutting in order to really take the appearance of your finished product to the next level. With so many different finishes available, it is always possible to create the look you desire when choosing press printing over digital printing. 

#3: Press Printing Is More Affordable For Large Print Jobs

While it is true that digital printing is the more cost-effective option when completing small print jobs, this is not the case when looking to tackle a larger print job. This is because the cost of each print greatly decreases as the number of prints you need increases when choosing press printing. The reason for this is that a large portion of the cost associated with press printing can be attributed to setting up the press for each unique job. If you are planning to print a large quantity this setup cost can be distributed over a larger number of prints. This is not the case with digital printing since these prints will typically cost the same amount per print regardless of how many prints you need.  

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2 June 2022

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