Key Reasons Why Your Next Book Should Have Hardcover Binding


If you've always had a fondness for books and remember picturing yourself as a writer when you were a small child, becoming an author can be like a dream come true. Doing something that you love while getting paid is a lofty ideal for so many people. The fact that you have managed to make it happen is a feat to be proud of. Maybe you have already put out a couple of books in digital format and have another novel on the way. Have a look at the benefits of making your next book a hardcover edition.

Hardcover Binding Is Attractive & Impressive

When your book hits the market you want it to make an impact. Other writers will undoubtedly be hot on your heels, releasing books of their own. This gives you a limited window to snag the spotlight so it's important to make the most of that time.

A beautifully bound hardcover book complete with eye-catching colors and bold print is very impressive. It conveys a sense of exclusivity that you generally can't capture with other types of publishing. The book could be so attractive that even a person who isn't necessarily big on reading could decide to purchase it to place on their coffee table. It would then be the equivalent of a work of art that adds to the decor of the space where it sits.

Hardcover Books Are Long Lasting Keepsakes

Paperback books are known to have a relatively short shelf life. All it takes is a spilled cup of coffee and the material on the cover could start to bleed, making it nearly impossible to read the words because the ink is no longer legible.

A book that is covered in a hardcover shell has a tighter defense system against the mishaps that can so easily happen. It's been said that the average shelf life for a hardcover book is as long as 60 years. Buyers who enjoy the read may even decide to pass the book on to children or grandchildren as a memento. Your book could potentially be around long after you are gone and this is an amazing legacy to leave behind.

Although it usually costs a bit more to bind hardcover books they generally yield a greater profit due to their higher price point. Get your transcript over to a printing service and let them help you design a winning hardcover binding right away. 

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29 March 2022

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