Helpful Tips When Utilizing Four Color Process Printing For Custom T-Shirts


If you plan on selling t-shirts commercially, then you may want to take advantage of four color process printing. It's one of the standard printing services today and you can maximize its benefits by remembering this tips. 

Refine Your Design

So that the colors in this printing process stand out and look great, you need to spend time refining the design on your t-shirts. Start by making sure the graphics are readable. You want consumers knowing exactly what's on your shirts.

It's also important to realize that just because graphics look great on the computer, doesn't mean they'll transfer great to t-shirts using this four color printing process. It may be somewhat of a trial and error process where you test different design elements. Eventually -- though -- you should find graphics that are vibrant and clearly readable. 

Find a Printing Company

The quality of your custom t-shirts depend a lot on the company offering the four color process printing. It is thus of the upmost importance to find a skilled printing company with a lot of experience with this four color printing process.

You also want to assess a printing company's rates as they typically vary. Let each company know what you need in terms of the design and the quantity of t-shirts. Then with some quotes, you'll have an easier time finding a printing company that you can afford.

Have Samples Made

Before you dive head-first into four color process printing for custom t-shirts, you need to first have some samples made. You can then see what colors and elements work best together, saving yourself from wasting a bunch of ink and t-shirt materials.

Find a company that you trust to deliver high-quality four color process printing and describe to them exactly what you want on your custom t-shirts.  

Once the samples come in, you can see if the results are what you expected. If they're not, you can have additional samples made until everything is perfect. Then you can green-light these printing operations on a larger scale with complete confidence. 

Selling custom t-shirts can prove to be a lucrative business venture as the fashion industry is always booming. Four color process printing is pivotal for these types of t-shirts. To ensure it goes according to plan and leads to high-quality t-shirts that people want to wear, take your time reviewing impactful factors like printing company and design quality. 


24 June 2020

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