Menu Covers To Promote Your Establishment And Popular Meals


A laminated menu cover that showcases your restaurant's exterior and a few of the dishes that tend to be popular will be easy to clean and will provide your establishment with the advertising that you desire. Prepare a sample cover and provide a printing associate with the sample, to ensure that your menu covers will look the way that you would like them to.

A Protective Coating

Menus that aren't laminated are prone to staining and tearing. A laminated cover will provide your menus with a slick surface that can be sanitized. A paper towel that has a disinfectant spray on it can be used to clean menus at the end of each service. The protective coating will preserve the quality of the printing that is added to each cover. Colored photographs and block lettering will retain their appearance, ensuring that your patrons can easily scan the pictures or descriptions that are added to each menu.

A Unique Layout

Your restaurant is unique from other establishments and this should be what you focus on when choosing the design that will be added to each cover. Take some photographs of the outside of your business. Prepare some of the meals that you would like to feature on the front of the menu and line the spread of food up along a table. Take a few photographs of the menu items. After printing out the photos, lay them across a blank page that is the same size as what you anticipate the new covers to be.

Shift the photographs around to experiment with various layouts. Use a template to assist with preparing the lettering that will be added to each menu cover. After printing out a sample sheet that contains all of the words that will be added to the front of each cover, use scissors to cut out the lettering and arrange the words across the front of the cover. Neither the pictures or the lettering should overpower the cover.

You will have plenty of room inside of the menu to add pictures and descriptions of dishes, so omit to add some of the pictures or wording to the front of the cover, if you notice that the layout appears to be overcrowded. Glue or tape the pictures and lettering to the front of the sample page. Bring the sample page along with you to a consultation with an associate of a printing company. You may receive guidance with altering the menu design and will also be assisted with preparing what will be listed on the inside of each menu.

To find out more about menu covers, reach out to a printing service near you.


20 March 2020

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