Are You Shopping For Your College-Bound Child?


Did your son or daughter just graduate from high school? If so, you are probably feeling many different emotions. Of course, you're excited about the next chapters in your child's life. However, you might also be sad about the rapid passage of time. Maybe you are now focused on shopping for the items your son or daughter will take to college. If that's the case, he or she probably already knows what kind of clothes to take.

When shopping for school supplies, look for things like a copier for sale and other office supplies that your child will probably need.

Look For A Copier For Sale - Obviously, your child won't need a copier like the one that's in your place of business. That copier is probably used by many individuals and for many purposes. Your child will do better with a small copier that will do things like double-sided copies and that will do color copies. In addition, consider purchasing a roll-top table that can hold both the small copier and things like a small collection of reference books. 

You'll be doing your college-bound son or daughter a huge favor by also purchasing ink cartridges and copy paper. Your child will probably receive assignments that will require turning in multiple pages. So, go heavy on sending him or her off with plenty of copying supplies. Or, lighten his or her load with the presentation of a gift card to an office supply store near your child's college.

​Buy Other Office Supplies - Think of things you use in your home office and buy the same items for your child to take to college with him or her. For example, a paper cutter and a heavy-duty stapler are both things your child will probably use many times. 

Small things like different sizes of scissors, pencil sharpeners, staplers, pens with different kinds of tips, and good quality pencils are other items that will probably be used a lot. Don't forget colored pencils and colored permanent markers, too. The frosting-on-the cake might be a supply of pretty note cards and stamps.

Think of tucking little surprises in with the office supplies you buy for your child. For example, if your child lifts the lid on his or her new copier and he or she finds an envelope with a ten or twenty dollar bill waiting to be used, that would probably be a very nice surprise. 


2 July 2019

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