Setting Up An Office Space For Your Small Business


If you are starting a small business, getting the office space set up and functioning is an important part of the process. There are things you will need to get the business running smooth and make it possible to get things done. If you have additional employees working with you, it can change what you need, but once the basic space is set up, there is no reason that you can't add to it as your business grows.

Leasing or Purchasing Office Equipment

When you are considering equipment for the office, you might want to look at leasing it rather than buying. There are a couple of reasons to consider leasing, but the choice is up to you. If you lease equipment, you can often get the newest equipment available without having to pay top dollar for it when you get it. Also, leasing sometimes allows you to get more equipment early on because you are not paying the full price up front. The downside is that if you do lease your equipment, you have to deal with the having a monthly payment for it, adding to the operating costs.

New or Used Equipment

Another thing to consider is buying used office equipment to start with. There are options to buy copiers, desks, chairs, printers, and even computers used if you want to. You can often find entire lots of office furniture or equipment that is being sold or auctioned off if a business upgraded or closed. 

The cost of the furniture might be much lower but look it over well to be sure what you are getting is going to work for you. Sometimes office equipment can be pretty heavily used, but if you find some that were not used for very long, you could save enough money to buy something else like a new copier or set up a nice break room for your employees.

Service Contracts

Buying equipment that may need to be serviced from time to time is part of running your office. Printers, copiers, and computers often need upgrades or repairs, but if you bought them used, you would not get a service contract on the equipment. You will need to find a service company to come out and deal with your equipment if you have a problem, but there are plenty of service companies that you can set up a contract with so there is someone to call if you have a problem. If you are buying used equipment, it can offer you a little piece of mind to know there is someone available to help you if the copier stops working or some other critical equipment goes down.

For more information on copier sales, contact your local sales professionals. 


15 July 2018

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