3 Reasons To Invest In Miniature Folding


Printing services play a critical role in the development of a company's product packaging. If you are in the process of redesigning your packaging you need to think about not only the exterior packaging, but the materials that are included inside the package as well.

Miniature folding can play a key role in improving your package design. Learning more about the benefits that miniature folding can provide will help you see why investing in this specialty printing service might be a good decision for your company.

1. Miniature folding allows for detailed instructions.

If you are marketing a product that requires manual operation or assembly, your customers will need instructions on the proper use of your product. Including these instructions in your packaging is a smart idea, but you don't want a bulky booklet to take up precious space within your packages themselves.

Miniature folding allows you the ability to transform a full-size sheet filled with information into a small and compact format. This gives you the ability to include detailed instructions inside the packaging of your products as they are sent to market.

2. Miniature folding can reduce shipping costs.

Successful companies are always looking for ways to reduce their overhead spending. Shipping costs can become a burden if you send your products to customers through the mail or deliver products to retail locations across the nation. Reducing the size of your packaging can be a great way to reduce your shipping costs.

You don't want a smaller and more compact packaging design to compromise the usability of your product, so relying on miniature folding is essential. Miniature folding provides you with the ability to include product information and instructions for use inside your packaging without taking up a lot of space. You can downsize your packaging without eliminating any vital information your consumers might need.

3. Miniature folding allows your products to become multilingual.

America is a melting pot filled with consumers from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Some of these consumers speak English as a second language, so including directions and instructions in their primary language inside your product packaging can be beneficial.

Multi-language instructions can make your products more useful, increasing sales and making your company more profitable. Miniature printing, such as from Flottman Company, gives you the ability to create information sheets written in several different languages inside your product packaging without giving up any additional space or having to expand the size of your existing packages. 


13 February 2018

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