Business Card Basics: Why Mobile Media Hasn't Forced Them Out


With so much focus on mobile media and internet presence, it's easy for small business owners and independent professionals to lose sight of some of the more traditional and classic marketing tools. For example, one of the things that's easily overlooked is the power of the business card. Many professionals think they are antiquated, but in fact, business cards are still just as important in professional circles as they have always been. Here are a few reasons why you should still keep a box of business cards on hand.

They Form A First Impression

A business card is a great way to form your first impression and introduce yourself to someone. They summarize all of the vital information for people to get in touch with you, and you design them in a way that makes them memorable. In addition, having a business card to offer forms a positive first impression, so be prepared to hand one to your clients, partners, and others.

They Are Affordable

Business cards are an affordable way to legitimize your business and your role. You can print business cards for pennies sometimes, depending on the printer that you work with. When it's that affordable for a marketing and identification tool, it's hard to argue with the investment.

They Are A Branding Tool

Especially for new businesses, business cards are a great way to establish your branding message. You can print your card with the company logo, slogan, and colors so that everything is consistent across all of your marketing materials. Make sure you also include your business number, web address and an email address where people can reach you.

If you really struggle with separating from the technology wave, you can incorporate the best of both worlds by choosing a business card with an embedded QR code. That way, any mobile-savvy customers or clients can scan the QR code and get the latest sales, promotions, or company information.

They Are Easy Marketing

Unlike direct mailers, flyers, and local media campaigns, business cards are an effortless and affordable marketing tool. You can take them anywhere, which means you can market your business no matter where you are. There's no way to know when you'll make a new contact, so keep some cards with you at all times to optimize your marketing efforts.

As you can see, business cards are still a powerhouse of brand identity and marketing for businesses. For business owners who still wish to prioritize technology, you can even have digital versions of your business cards that you can send to contacts via your smart phone. Talk with a local printing and business card company, such as Inkslinger's Inc, today for more information.


2 August 2017

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