3 Reasons You Should Update Your Storefront Sign


If you run a busy business, you might be more concerned about allocating a great deal on new products or giving your employees raises than you are about that outdated storefront sign. However, letting that old metal sign rust outside might not be doing your business justice. Here are three reasons you should update your storefront sign:

1: Signs Help New Customers To Find Your Business

Sure, you might have given clear directions over the phone or put up a great picture of a map on your website, but customers still have to find your building. Unfortunately, if your front sign is difficult to see from the road, faded, or small, customers might have a hard time getting to your store.

To avoid frustrating your customers, consider updating your front sign. Drive to your business from different parts of town to see how visible your store is from the street. Ask customers what they think of your outdoor sign, and whether or not it was easy for them to find. Consider increasing the size of your sign, and updating it with your current company logo. After all, that large sign won't help much if it doesn't match the name, colors, and fonts used in your logo on your website.

2: Your Outdoor Sign Is Your Customer's First Impression

Sometimes, business owners focus more on the cleanliness of their entryway and the content of their displays than the front of their store and signage. Unfortunately, if your front sign is a mess, it might give new customers a bad first impression. After all, why would they shop at a store with an outdated, rusty sign when they could find another store that takes care of their property?

Remember that the exterior of your store can act as a signal to new customers about what they might find inside. Make sure that your sign and logo represent your company in its best light. If you aren't sure about your sign, consider working with a professional consultant to help you decide how to update things. You never know, they might have ideas that could help you to build your brand.

3: Outdoor Signs Can Help You To Move Product

Last but not least, updating your outdoor sign might help you to advertise products and specials that might help you to move product. For example, you might consider installing an LED sign that switches between different products, or that shows your weekly specials.

Updating your outdoor sign might help customers to find your store, remember your brand, and pay attention to new products—which can keep you in business. 

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15 October 2015

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