Five Ways To Make Business Meetings More Exciting


Business meetings should give your staff vital information about how to do their jobs and improve your company's growth, but they can sometimes be dull and a little boring. There are lots of ways you can create more memorable, exciting meetings that help your employees retain the information you provide while having a little bit of fun. Use these five ideas to improve the success of your next business meeting.

Hire A Barista

Instead of offering a pot of coffee and a few donuts, consider hiring a local cafe to provide a barista and a coffee bar for your meeting. You'll be able to serve customized coffee drinks and pastries to your staff members, giving them a reason to look forward to the meeting. This is an especially great way to kick off a full day of meetings and presentations.

Print A Detailed Agenda

Hire a printing service to print and bind a booklet for your meeting that includes an agenda, copies of sales reports and other documents you'll be referring to throughout the meeting. Your staff members can then follow along, and they will have something to take back to their desks after the meeting is over. Consider asking your printing service to add blank pages in the back for notes, and be sure to provide everyone with company logo pens as an added gift.

Give Away Company Swag

Printing services can also provide you with promotional merchandise and corporate gifts you can give away to people at your meeting. Whether you want to keep it strictly professional with leather padfolios or you want to offer fun gifts like golf bags or beach towels, these gifts can be a great way to reward employees for a job well done. Recognize staff members who have exceeded company goals at different intervals throughout the meeting to keep everyone paying attention.

Change The Meeting Location

Business meetings don't have to take place in your conference room. Rent a room at a local restaurant for a few hours or take your meeting outside on a warm, sunny day. This gives everyone a break from long days at the office and makes your next meeting a little more exciting.

Hire Some Entertainment

If you are hosting a full day of business meetings, give everyone a little break with some live entertainment. Consider hiring a motivational speaker or a stand-up comedian to keep everyone excited about the meeting, or get your employees in on the act with a magician or hypnotist. Keep this break a secret from your staff if possible, and advertise a special guest to keep everyone guessing.

Business meetings can be fun and productive if you know how to plan ahead. With the help of local printing services, restaurants and entertainment companies, you can create meetings that are memorable and exciting for you and your employees.


13 August 2015

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