Four Fascinating Facts About Postcards


Today, postcards are more closely associated with businesses and used a part of marketing materials. However, sending and collecting postcards are entrenched in the history and culture in Canada and around the world. Postcards played a significant role during major military wars where they served as a way for soldiers to keep in touch with their families. Postcards have come a long way; here are four fascinating facts about postcards past and present. 

It's a Branch of Study

The formal name for the study and collection of postcards is called deltiology and there's even an institute dedicated to it. The Institute of American Deltiology is North America's only such institute and serves as a research center and library for the study of postcards. It houses an estimated collection of over 1 million postcards printed and published in North America and its library encompasses all things postcard related including books, slides, periodicals and news bulletins. 

Largest Postcard Club

Canada is home to the Toronto Postcard Club, the largest of such clubs in the country. Started in 1977 by a small group of 10 postcard enthusiasts, the TPC has grown to around 250 members from Canada and other places such as the United States and even Scotland. The group publishes a monthly multi-page newsletter, holds an annual show, as well as regular meetings and events throughout the year dedicated to deltiology.

Guinness Book 

ECCO Shoes Hong Kong  set a Guinness record for the largest postcard ever made. It measured 57 meters, weighed 47 kilograms and was achieved on the 17th of December, 2014. The hefty card served as an advertisement for ECCO shoes, a Danish shoe brand sold in Canada and worldwide. The Christmas-themed card featured images of ECCO shoes taken at Hong Kong metro stations that were printed on the front side and a Christmas slogan printed on the back. 

Third Largest Collectible Hobby

When it comes to the largest collectible hobbies worldwide, postcards is third only to coins and postage stamps. Some people collect by era, while others collect by type. For example, early 20th century is a popular era for collecting. In addition, postcards made during what is dubbed the "golden age of postcards" are often sought out by collectors. The golden age lasted from 1907 to 1915, a time when it's estimated that a billion postcards were sent each year. Postcards collected from this time period are typically worth more than other eras.

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22 October 2015

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